About Us

We are a California based company that provides passport,visa, immigration photos for anyone, living in any part of the world. We provide not only USA Passport photos in 2×2 inch format but we can help you with 35-40 mm to 45-50mm sized Australian Passport photos,35x45mm sized UK or New Zealand passport photos, or Canada Visa photos, Canada Immigration, Canada Citizenship photos, or 25x35mm sized Indian PAN Card photos. This is just a short list to hightlight what we do but we can provide you passport, visa or ID card, or photos for any use, in any size or with any requirements. We are low price leader in Passport photo industry with our low cost structure. We use talented people in India to photoshop your photos and convert them into passport photos. This does not affect the turn around time. You can get your photos ready for pick up at your local Walgreens, CVS, Walmart or Target store within one business day. If you like to get them in the mail, they will be printed and mailed from California. You will receive them in around 5-7 business days.

We have seen individuals pay upto $50 for 2 Australian photos locally but with Passport-photos.net, you can get 6 or 8 photo (yes, this is not a spelling mistake) for the same low prices of $7.95.

Who are we? It really doesn’t matter who we are and how what we do but we can assure you that you will get what you are paying for. In most cases, even more. You will get photos in the size you need. Also with the comfort that our photos rarely create issues with your Passport or Visa application. They easily get accepted for more than 99% of our customers.

If you really need to know, we can tell you that we are a family operated business with most support from our office in India. We are part of Innovation Services based in Simi Valley, California. Trust us like any online business. Or, trust us more than an ordinary online business. We accept payments only with PayPal so if you think you will get cheated by dealing with us, there is no reason to worry. When your payment is processed by PayPal, they do all kinds of checks. They are very quick to shutdown payment service for shaddy businesses. PayPal also has most buyer-friendly payment processing. If you did not receive the item you ordered, just talk to them and you will get your money back. Also, we do not take your Credit card or personal data; we use PayPal for that. They don’t share your credit card data with us. They process your credit card and transfer the payment after we have processed your order.