How do I place an order for Passport/Visa photos with you?

Ordering your passport photos with us is simple. We call it a 3 step process. These steps are located on the top of each page on our website for your convenience.

First, please check if your photo(s) can be used to make valid passport or visa photos. Click on Verify your photo(s) link here or on top of any page. Compare your photo to those sample photos. If you are still not sure, no worres. Email us your photo to passportphotos@hotmail.com. If your photos can be used, we will email you a link for instant payment. Or we will give you some specific tips to help you take a better photo.

Finally, once you are ready to order, we need two things: Your photo(s) and your order/payment.
1) To send us your photo(s), you can upload them on our server by clicking here, or on the link on top of every page on our website: Upload your photo(s). Please make sure you enter the same name while uploading photos that you will be using to place your order.
2) To make payment and place your order, click on the Make Payment link here or on the top of any page. These two steps/tasks can be done in any order but needs to be completed within 30 minutes window. Our server based matching automatically matches your photos with your name, address, email address that you use on your PayPal or Google Checkout order.
If you need more help or have questions, please click here.

How can I get my Passport photos after I place an order with Passport-Photos.net or OnlinePassportPhotos.com?

You get your photos in any one of the following ways:

  1. By default, we mail photos to your address on your Google Checkout or PayPal order.
    * We normally mail the photos within 2 business days with USPS First Class mail which might take 2-5 days depending on the destination city.
  2. We can make your photos available for pick up at your local Walgreens/Target/CVs/Walmart store within a day. To use this facility, while placing your order, please include store address on your order or click here and let us know the address of your local store.
  3. We can email you multiple passport photos on an exact 4×6 print format which you can print at home or at any store, like any digital photo. The good thing is that you can use the photo sheet multiple times if you need more than 6 photos. Email orders are processed on priority and you can get yout photo sheet usually within few hours.

How does ‘free pick up at a local store’ service work?

Though you pick up photos at Walgreens/CVs Pharmacy/Target/Walmart store near you, we do most of the work. We fix your photos, enhance them for better printing, format them as per guideline of your country and then we put 6 (sometimes even 8 passport sized photos) on a 4×6 print format (No store carries 2×2 inch, 35x35mm, etc., photo papers but, every store prints 4×6 prints!). Then we upload the finished 4×6 format on website of your local store (Walgreens.com, CVS.com or Target.com) and ask them to print 4×6 print(s). We will send you an email at this stage to let you know that we have uploaded your photos to your local store.

We put your name, phone# and email address on the order so you just need to go to the store and pick up photos.

For Walmart, if you provide us a cell phone number, we can ask the store to text you when photos are ready for pick up. Normally in most stores, the photos are ready within an hour or two after you receive the confirmation email from us. Then you can go to the store to pick up 4×6 print(s) with 6 (or 8 photos) passport photos. The photos are separated by lines on the 4×6 print so it is easy to cut them along the lines with any household scissors.

I need urgent passport photos. How can I get them quickly?

No problem but please keep in mind that we normally do not work over weekends so please do not place an order for urgent passport photos over the weekend (unless you have sent us an email and checked with us).

Mailing is the one which causes most of the delays in our photos to reach you. For urgent passport photos, please do one of the following:
** While placing your order or making payment, provide us address of a nearby Walgreens photo, Target, CVs, Walmart or Rite-Aid store, and we will upload your photo to be picked up at that neighborhood store within 24 hours.
** For urgent needs, we can e-mail you back a high quality converted passport picture usually within 24 hours. Download it to you thumb drive and take it to your local “Costco photo”, rite-aid photo, Wall-greens photo, CVs Photo or Kinko’s, or to a 1-hour photo lab and get it printed on a 4 X 6 paper for around 20 cents! One sheet will get you 6 copies!

If OnlinePassportPhoto finds that my uploaded photo can not be converted into good passport photos, what happens to my payment?

No Worries. If we find that the photo uploaded with your order can not be converted into valid passport or visa photos, we will e-mail you and ask you to e-mail us or upload again new digital photo(s). We will repeat this until we have a digital photo from you which can be converted into valid passport photos.

In worst case, if you are not able to provide us good digital photo(s), we will refund your payment.

How can I take PROFESSIONAL QUALITY pictures at home for Passports?

  • Position light sources on both sides of subject to avoid shadows on face. (Desirable but no need to worry about it. Use can use a while wall. Stand 4 feet away from it and fire Flash (Flash Fill in) to take a nice picture)
  • Use a light source to illuminate background behind subject to avoid shadows in background.

  • Camera/ Subject Position Place camera approximately 4 ft (120 cm) from the subject.
  • Have camera at subject’s eye level. Position subject facing the camera.