Hong Kong Passport Photos

Hong Kong Passport Photo Specs


  • Three identical passport photos are required for Hong Kong passports
  • Hong Kong Passport photos specify no hats allowed
  • Overall size is 50x40mm for Hong Kong Photos
  • Crown to Chin must be between 32 and 36mm
  • Background must be white
  • Recent Colour Photos required for Hong Kong Passport Photos
  • Photos must be taken using plain white background showing applicant’s face and prominent features clearly
  • Photos should show applicants in decent attire, with sleeves and collar.
  • Applicants maybe allowed to wear eyeglasses provided the eyes are distinctly shown
  • Women are not allowed to wear a veil except in cases of Muslims and nuns
  • Long hair and earring are not allowed for men. * Photos taken at the MTR or Photo-Me are not acceptable