Passport Photos: Online Vs At Store

For Passport or Visa photos, traditionally we would go to a local store to get photos taken. This approach would normally take from few hours to half a day and would cost more. Now when Internet has made shopping, reading, communicating so easy, you can also use same technology innovations to get passport photos without leaving your home!

Let us look at pros and cons of these two different approaches.

Passport Photos- old way, at a local store. There are some benefits.

  1. The process is simple. Get ready, check store hours and drive to the store. Wait for the cashier/photographer to be ready to help you and let them take your photos. This can be done at any Costco, Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart or Rite-Aid stores.
  2. You can get photos within hours in 2×2 inch size at most neighborhood stores.
  3. You don’t need to take a digital photo at home, use Internet or wait for photos to come in mail.

Here are some costs of this approach when compared to online passport photos.

  1. Walgreens, CVS, Costco stores may not be there in many areas and on the other hand, you can order with us from almost any part of the world.
  2. You can get photos without even leaving your home. You can order at  your convenience. Even at midnight. We are open for your orders.
  3. Compared to only 2 photos for $10.95 at Walgreens,  or $8 at Walmart, we will give you 6 passport photos for USA or for any country for only $7.95 and 12 photos for $11.95.
  4. If you are driving say 10 miles to go to a Walgreens or CVS  store just to get your passport photos, you will be spending around $10 as per GSA per mile costing of $.50 cents by US Government.
  5. Besides your driving time, you will be expected to wait around an hour since you entered the store and leaving the store with finished photos.
  6. Most local stores like Walgreens, Walmart, CVS etc offer only 2×2 inch US Passport photos. We can help you with passport photos for almost any country (including UK, Germany, India, China, Korea, Australia, Canada etc.) and in any size. You can also order 35x45mm photos for UK, Australia, Europe, or 33x48mm photos for China Passport, or 35x35mm photos for Indian Passport.
  7. We have also offer the convenience to get photos printed at your local store. Order online with us and when you go to the store, the photos will be ready for pick up.
  8. If you need photos for whole family, no need to take everyone to the store for the photos taken. You can order online with us at your convenience.