Photos in 1 Day

Yes, you can get your photos in 1 day.

While ordering your photos, provide us address of your local Walgreens, CVS, Target or Walmart store and we will make your finished passport photos available there for pick up.

Though you will pick up photos at Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, RiteAid, Target store or at a Walmart store near you, we will do majority of the work. Your store will just print photos that we have prepared, cropped and fixed. This way you can rest assured that you will get accurate photos for any country like Canada, India, UK, Australia, Germany etc. Our expert photo-processors will fix your photos, enhance them for better printing, format them as per guideline of your country and then will put 6 (sometimes even 8 photos) on a 4×6 print format. 

Why 4×6 print format? No store offers prints in the size of 2×2 inch, 35x45mm, etc. but 4×6 prints are common and cheapest! Once your photos are ready, we upload the finished 4×6 format on our online provider and tell them to print photos at your local store. We even put your name, phone# and email address on the order and will also provide you pick up details in email so you just need to go to the store and give your name and phone# and pick up photos.

For Walmart, if you provide us a cell phone number, we can ask the store to text you when photos are ready for pick up. Normally in most stores, the photos are ready within an hour or two after you receive the confirmation email from us. Then you can go to the store to pick up 4×6 print(s) with 6 photos on it. The photos are separated by lines on the 4×6 print so it is easy to cut them along the lines with any household scissors.

Isn’t this a simple and innovative process? Isn’t this the best use of the Internet and the technological advances? We have no tie-up with, CVs or Target but we make the best use of available infrastructure to serve you efficiently, help you save money and get those difficult-to-get odd sized photos for Germany, Canada, India, UK, Japan, Mexico, etc.! Also, these stores do an excellent job in printing photos and have very friendly people.

* Note: If the photos picked up at the store are off by up to 2-3 mm, please note that it would not create any issues. Passport/Visa offices normally look more for the head size in the photos and other requirements than the overall photo size. The photos we send to stores have all photos perfectly identical but rarely every we find a printer (even in the best photos labs) that is calibrated with perfect accuracy.