Step 1: Verify Your Photo

Sample Digital Photos That Can Be Used To Make Passport photos

Composition tip:
Imagine the photo you are taking is made up of 9 identical pieces/squares.

The face has to be no bigger than one of those 9 squares and should be in the middle. The square in Green line shows how a Passport photo will be made out of it. Please do not crop the photo at your end. Let us do the cropping.Ideal_Photo_4_upload

Us ( vs Free Passport Photo websites:

There are some FREE passport photo websites but most of them do not fix or enhance your photos! They just trim your picture and provide passport photos! In our experience, most of the photos taken by nonprofessional photographers need manual enhancement/fixing with regards to photo background, removing red-eye, fixing exposure and/or removing shadows created by flash. We manually process every photo to eliminate most of the risk factors for your passport photos! Please take this into consideration while choosing your passport photo provider.

A typical photo out of camera. This photo can be used despite having some shadow, non-white background and some distraction in the photo. SamplePassportPhoto Most other Passport Photo websites will trim your photo but will not fix other issues, like shadow behind ears or head, background color, exposure of face.GoodPhoto
Compare a digital photo (below) and see how we converted it into a valid passport photo (on the right—–>)SamplePassportPhoto Photo created by us ( fixed, exposure enhanced, better background.PassportPhoto_Valid1

Sample of photos that can’t be used:

No Closeups. Include full shoulders and at least 12 inch of body below chin in the photo.



For Passport Photos: Good Digital Photos vs Bad Photos

Photo Issue Can
we convert this into valid Passport Photos?
How to
prevent this at your end
Sample_closeUp Close-up
of head only.No margin on Top, or on Left of Right side of the Face
No Please include
around 10-12 inches of body below chin in the photo.
SamplePhoto_ShadowAcrossFace Face
is not evenly exposed. One side of the face darker compared
to the other side
No Force the Flash to be ON so face gets
evenly exposed
SamplePassportPhoto Shadows by flash, some object in the photo but touching head any where or face
is not straight
Yes We can fix shadow (if it is not too much mixed with hair), eliminate distractions in the photo, or straighten the face and fix
this issue.
Sample_Photo_BothEearsVisible Not looking
straight into Camera lens. Both ears not visible
No Look straight into the lens of camera.
Sample_BackgroundWashedOut Background
is dark and is not uniform
No Choose a white or light colored UNIFORM
PassportPhotoIssue-illexposed Bad Exposure.Head not straight Usually No but can be fixed
to some extent
Keep head straight and eyes looking directly into camera while taking photos at home.
SamplePhoto_ShadowAcrossFace  Shadow across the face because of light coming from one side  Generally not  Take photo in good light that falls directly on the face. Or use flash.
PassportPhotoIssue-Background Nice portrait but background
too dark.Might be copyright issues as you need consent of the photographer
before you or we can reuse it.
No Take a new photo against white background.Do not use photo taken by someone else. This
may cause Copyright issues too.
Eye in the photo
Red Eye
in the Photo
Yes We can digitally
fix it or use Red Eye fix that most new cameras offer.

Still Confused?

Still not sure about if we can convert your digital photo into passport photos
for you?
We understand that many people may like to make sure that their digital picture(s) can be converted into valid passport photos before they use their credit card and place an order. Please email your photos to and we will verify your photos and email you a quick link for payment if photos are usable. If photos are not usable, we will let you know the issue and provide tips about how to avoid it.

Please remember to attach your pictures to the email as a File attachment
instead of as a Photo attachment because some email services automatically reduces resolution of pictures attached as photos) and include your first name, last name, purpose of the photo (for US passport, Indian Passport photos, etc). Then we will look at your photos and email you back to let you know if we can convert them into great passport pictures so you can go ahead and place your order with us without any worries.
If OnlinePassportPhoto finds that my uploaded photo can not be converted into good passport photos, what happens to my payment?
No Worries. If we find that the photo uploaded with your order can not be converted into valid passport or visa photos, we will e-mail you and ask you to e-mail us or upload again new digital photo(s). We will repeat this until we have a digital photo from you which can be converted into valid passport photos.

In worst case, if you are not able to provide us good digital photo(s), we will refund your payment.
Top Tips:

* Do not take close up of head only. Include at least upper half body or full shoulders. We can always trim what they do not need in Passport or Visa photos; but if you include less than what is needed, there is no way we can fill in/add missing things (like shoulders etc)!!!

*Please do not take very high resolution photos.
2×2 inch photos are tiny and printing them on paper needs only 240k pixel image! We really do not need more than 4 MPixles photos!

* Use white or white like ****PLAIN*** background behind head. If needed, use bed sheet or a large white paper behind head.

* Try to avoid use of flash by taking photos when good amount of natural light is available. Also make sure the light is coming directly on the face and not from one side (which can cause half of the face to be brighter than the other half. For Visa and Passport photos, whole face needs to be nicely exposed).

— If there are manual settings on your camera, use the Av mode and set Aperture to the most wide setting (smallest f number). If the picture is not coming well, try to bump up ISO to around 400. If you are using a compact camera, do not set ISO too high. If you are using a Digital SLR, you can set ISO up to 800.

* If photos are not coming out well without Flash, please use the Flash.

+ Stand 2 to 3 feet away from the background to minimize shadows.

+ Try to minimize the shadow by flash by taking some photos by turning your camera 90% so that the flash is aligned vertically with the lens.

Customer feedback about our service:

Recently I have placed an order with, I must say it was a very smooth process. They are very fast at responding to your inquiries, or if you wish they can answer your questions on phone. So the experience I had with was outstanding.
I say this because in the past, I have gotten many passport pictures and they were very poor quality. In my opinion,this website is the best out there,no one will be able to beat their service or price. I assure you,you will receive wonderful passport pictures!

M Mathew

Monday, May 17, 2010

You guys are great!
Had to re-submit my passport photos, since those they took at
Walgreens didn’t come out clear enough… So when I found your
website I thought it sounded like a good idea, and sure enough,
it worked great!

Thanks for excellent service!

Amanda D.

November 19, 2009