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China Passport Photos

China Passport Photo Specifications

  • Chinese Passport Photos must be 48mm x 33mm
  • Chinese Passport Photos head height is between 28mm – 33mm
  • Head width is between 21mm – 24mm in Chinese Passport Photos
  • A white or light blue background is required for Chinese Passport Photos

China_Passport_photo_size Chinese_Passport_photo

  • If you decide to order your passport photos for China with us, please make sure your photo meets following requirements:
    • Full UPPER HALF BODY view with all facial features clearly visible.
    • Photo has no shadows (To avoid shadows, stand around 3 feet away from the wall)
    • Make sure the background in your photo is uniform with white of light blue color.
    • Face should neither be too bright nor too dark
    • If wearing spectacles – reflection of light from the glasses should not be visible.
    • No visible shadow on the face or background.
    • Do not wear white/ light colored shirt as it blends with light background.